Leticia Gomez/Publisher

Leticia-web-277x300Leticia Gomez/Literary Agent/Publishing Consultant/Acquisition Editor/Published Author has been working in the publishing industry since 1993. During this span of time, she has published her own newspaper, authored and published three books, edited numerous fiction and nonfiction manuscripts written in both English and Spanish that have gone on to publication. She is also a highly skilled literary translator.

Her Latino-themed stories and articles have been published in the Albuquerque Journal, Denver Post, Alive Magazine, Senior Highlights Magazine, New Mexico Magazine, Quick Frozen Foods International Magazine, Estylo Magazine, ¡Qué Linda Magazine!, Hispanic Monthly, Ageless Times Monthly, and Houston Maturity.

Sweet Destiny her debut romance novel was published in March, 2001, by Kensington Publishing Corp. as part of its Encanto Romance imprint. She also co-authored Countries of the World Series: Bolivia which was published in 2004 by Times Limited Publishing in association with Gareth Stephens Publishing. In 2007, her short story Three Little Words was selected for publication in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Celebrating Brothers and Sisters. Her latest book, Live Like You Are Dying: Making Your Life Count Moment by Moment, a self-help/personal growth book she co-authored with highly successful life coach and organization mentor Harris Kern will be released in March of 2015.

As CEO and Founder of Savvy Literary Services, one of the few minority-oriented publishing firms, Gomez has distinguished herself as an agent who can communicate effectively with the authors she is representing. Last year, Gomez partnered with Ascendant Group  to offer an even greater level of support to aspiring authors. As Director of Ascendant Publishing, she serves as the company’s in-house publishing consultant and literary agent. Blending her experience as an author, literary agent, publishing consultant and acquisition editor, Gomez is now truly excited to launch this new imprint for Koehler Books.

Statement from Leticia Gomez/Publisher of Café con Leche Books

“The desire to be published and have our words immortalized long after we are gone is more prevalent than ever. A record-breaking number of individuals from all walks of life dream of becoming published authors, but these days the bigger conglomerate publishing houses are not so keen on passing out any ‘Get Published Free’ cards. Having worked in the publishing industry for more than 20 years, I’ve come to the grim realization that the world of publishing can in fact be discriminatory and brutal.

When I first launched Savvy Literary Services in January of 2007, thus becoming one of a highly select group of agencies in the world that specialized in the Latino book market and offered literary representation in English and Spanish, I never imagined that my mission of championing the works of the underdog writer would bring me to this pivotal moment in my life. I never dreamed that I would be instrumental in the creation of a sorely needed Latino imprint, much less be in the driver’s seat of this brand new vehicle that is sure to transport worthy Latino authors and Latino-themed works more quickly through the overcrowded and highly complex highway that leads to publication.”